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Path within

Gila Nehemia
1 min readAug 4, 2022

Feelings are my internal navigation system
Guiding my body to stop and start
A compass of eons of wisdom
Luring me into the dark, creative, mysterious, earthy womb space
Intuitive, black, and eternal
Trusting it until I stumble into doubt
Leading me where the trail stops
Taking me to a cliff
Thoughts catching up, pausing, and passing by
Arresting me in my tracks
Remembering bodily sensations ushering me back into the spiral
Leading me to the green, lush, fertile jungles awaiting
Laden with succulent fruit
Lucid dreaming in daylight hours
Awakening to a mystical world of timeless beauty in apparent chaos
Unraveling and honestly succumbing to my destiny

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