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New Day

Gila Nehemia
1 min readDec 7, 2021


Washing away the pain
Cleansing myself of the disappointments and heartbreak
Allowing myself to truly stand in my glory
Trusting in the invisible hand within and without
Leading me to a new paradigm of life and love
Standing worthy and strong in the stormy weather
Holding on to the trunk of the tree
Supporting me to regain my alignment
Succumbing to Gaia to hold me upright
Feeling the light of the Central Sun
Permitting the moon to guide me to shine my wholeness
Closing doors and opening portals to inner forgiveness and courage
No longer fearing my scars or my wounds
Healing and seeing the truth within
Rubbing my eyes and smiling at what used to scare me
Free and creative I surrender to all that is
Taking me to the netherworld and the galactic skies
Birthing the authentic Divine balance of the Trinity

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